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Darien Jewelers began in 1987. After completing my studies at Montclair State College, I decided to capture the entrepreneurial spirit and open my business. With a shoestring budget and lots of ambition, I opened on December 26th with a staff of!

Since then I have grown, but have tried to maintain that same intimate environment that was created in the beginning. My goal was, and still is today, to offer affordable jewelry in a comfortable setting. In addition, I like to add the personal service and attention to details that you will find in luxury stores and boutiques.

I carry a line of fine jewelry, ranging from sterling silver, karat gold and platinum as well as watches and costume jewelry. I also carry precious and semi-precious stones. One of my strong areas is in certified diamonds; giving the necessary education when purchasing such an important piece. I enjoy searching out unique pieces as well as creating my own. Custom design or "re-design" is great way of obtaining a truly unique keepsake. Gift items for everyone are also available. 

Only a small sample of what is available is featured on this website. Feel free to contact me for any of your jewelry needs. My staff and I are ready and willing to aid you!

All the best,

Tom Kosch

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